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 Tis The Season - For Media Voice

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PostSubject: Tis The Season - For Media Voice   Sun Dec 25, 2011 4:30 pm

Hello Egyptians! For Christians today was Christmas a time of giving, religious reflection, time with family, and of course materialism. Keeping with most of the key aspects of Christmas I am offering a special two day event to all Egyptians interested.

In Egypt we have a limited media so to speak. We have some excellent writers, Akhraziel and Varlosh both publishing tutorial and public information articles alike, but since the Croatian PTO many of Egypts former great writers have moved on. Of Course AhmedAE still trolls the Croats and EDEN as a whole from Macedonia, and I write tutorials from America, but not all this media is reaching our newest members. On top of all that eRepublik has a certain draining effect, in the beggining eRepublik is amazing and publications are frequent, however as you grow older it becomes less frequent sometimes only one or two publications a week. This is not a bad thing, but leaves to a less informed 2-clicker population if this is the entire media.

As such to any new Egyptian that is of appropriate level, or asks within the next two days, I will give the gold to start their own newspaper if they are interested. There are no restrictions to what you can write about, just get out there and write.

Finally I noticed that we have more arabic speakers now, while this alienates me a bit (English is my natural language) theres no reason this opportunity shouldn't be avaliable to you. Any of the bilingual arabs that can translate this would be greatly appreciated.

**NOTE This Is Seperate From A Post In the American ATO Section, That Newspaper Will Be Used (At Least Part Of The Time) For American ATO Announcements And General Taunting Of The Croats***
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Tis The Season - For Media Voice
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