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 Ministry of Defence policy discussion

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PostSubject: Ministry of Defence policy discussion    Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:56 pm

Started to think about MoD policy paper. Let me know what you think!

Military Policy

1. All MUs are invited to receive resources for training and RWs. All allocations will be published
2. MUs will be required to follow instructions from the Defence ministry. Instructions from the Defence Ministry will be prioritiesed, where there is no high prioirty order, MUs will have liberty to set their own wars.
3. Weapons allocation will be according to strength and loyalty of MU.
4. Ministry of Defence will support some RWs. Where this takes place, the funds used and the citizens allocated resources for this will be published.


Minister of Defence - Overall Policy, Representation at Cabinet, Budget and monthly expenditure report, Battle co-ordination

Deputy Minister of Defence - Defence operations, daily order publication, weapons distribution, MU relations.

Reporting to Deputy Minister:
1) 4 x MU relations officials - to work inside MUs and to report that MU daily orders reflect ministry priorities.
2) 4 x Battle tellers - to watch key battles and signal when to hit.
1) 1 x Information manager - manage the Egypt military chat channel and publication. To draft battle orders for issue by Deputy Minister.

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Ahmed AE

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PostSubject: Perfect   Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:02 am

Great Work Franz!
supported - Great structure too, i like the deputy idea since it will insure that all Military units are following orders and are reflecting the government decisions.

Good work and good job Smile

The only thing i am concerned about is the 4th MU (Pharaoh tank order aka P.T.O) i have doubts that they will not be following orders since they are Outlaws

Ahmed AE
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Ministry of Defence policy discussion
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